I am writing today because yesterday the Lord helped me to finish a project I have been working on for more than a year.  As some of you might recall, I have been writing on the subject of comparative systematic theology for a while and yesterday I was able to finish.

   Photo 1 (right below) is of the final copy (425 pages, space and half) which I gave to the Copy Joy Center for its first print for a class of baptist pastor in our city.  Second picture is the first meeting held at my house this week where we ate breakfast and had a worship service along with orientation.  The real first class starts this Wednesday.
  It was a long arduous process but it feels good to finally finish it.  The Lord willing I have a great expectation for this course to forge real unity among all the evangelical pastors of different shapes and colors.  

  This is an indepth study of the following systems:
  High calvinism, moderate calvinism, covenant theology (Reformed theology), classic arminianism, liberal arminianism, classic dispensationalism, progresive  dispensationalism, pentecostalism, Free Grace, Lordship Salvacion, dispensational premilenialism, historic premillenialism, amilenialism and postmilenialism.  
  To cut the long story short, I intend to demonstrate our common root despite the real and perceived differences among the competing theologies; and where there are real differences, I intend to show the result of an unbiased reading of all the relevant passages instead of just those that fit into a certain system.  
  I am sure it won't be an easy task because, after all, this stuff reaches into their back alley (so to speak).
  But I have had 3 to 4 years of building relationships with these men (on the average, I would have access to 30 to 40--more or less--pastors from different denominations in three weekly classes with them--) and I hope that would give me some leverage in gaining their ears.  
  I made this course because I truly believe that us evangelicals spend too much time bickering among ourselves while leaving little or no energy left to deal with the real cancer: the teaching of the cults and the liberals.
  Anyway, thanks for having prayed for me regarding this project.
  As for other classes, I am really enjoying the Tuesday night hermeneutics class at the Baptist Bible Institute of Chihuahua because the students there seem eager to learn.  
  The Monday night (Church History) is also going well. One story about that class:
  There is a single lady there whom I believe is pursuing her doctorate at a university here.  But for two classes in a row, she was talking too much in the classroom to a point of distracting me. So I was going to talk to her not to do that but while I was praying one morning, something in me told me (I would like believe that it was the Holy Spirit) that she needed prayer.  So instead of talking to her about her distracting behavior, I started praying for her.  
  Then I wrote to her saying that I was praying for her that she experiences the peace of God in her heart and that she would obey the Lord in all things.  She wrote me back saying that she in fact was dealing with the latter issue in her life. The following class she was a model student--very attentative.  
  For those who know me from the past, I would have confronted that person but I learned something from this:
  the strange behaviors of some people are God's way of reminding us to pray for them.  I mean, had she not talked so much in the classroom, I would not have noticed her!!!!
  Finally, another church called "Del Cordero" asked me to offer apologetics course so I will start doing that on Friday nights beginning at the end of September.  That means I won´t be able to teach at the CERESO prison which I had been doing on Fridays (lately very intermittantly due to the writing project).   Well, it was either Thursday or Friday but I wanted to be home at night on at least 2 school nights (Wed, Thur) so I can help my kids with thier school work.
  So it goes  . . . Please pray that the Lord would allow me to have access to more pastors, especially with this new course.
  Insil and the kids are doing fine.  They were sick for a few days but are now OK!  Thank the Lord and thank you for praying for them.  Close to 30 people responded to my plea for praying for our kids when they got sick.  Insil is doing fine, as she does a lot driving picking up kids and taking them to their daily activities like piano, basketball and ministry at the brickyard (where the poor indians live). She teaches a Bible study every Wed morning and this week she will be offering a workshop at a women's retreat.  The Baptist Bible Institute has asked her to teach Enlish to their resident students so she is now praying about it.  

  That's about it.
  Keep praying for us, especially the children.
  Christy: healthy self image, not too much worry for college, scholarship, doing well on here PSAT
  Josh: self-control, handle better his stress
  Justin: learning to work hard
  Insil: good health and energy and no accident while driving
  me: same as my wife