Hello, before it gets too hectic, let me slip in our year-end report (sort of).
  As you are all feeling at this point of every year, I too cannot believe that we are about to bid farewell to what was a new year, it seemed, about 2 weeks ago!
  Thanks for thinking about and praying for us anywhere from "every-now-and-then" to "almost daily."  We came here in 2001 and now we are going into our 7th calendar year of living in Mexico.  How fast this time moves!
  Here is the quick summary of our 2007:
  1. Family:
  Well, we still have three kids, that is, living at home.  Christy, however, will be headed north in less than 2 years as she is ardently preparing herself for college (being a junior at her MK school this year.)  Being a decent writer she is leaning toward majoring in English but who knows!  But she definiately has a heart for God and for the downtrodden.  She continues to serve the most impoverished people living at the periphery of Chihuahua every Friday for about three hours.  
  Joshua has been a real joy this year because we can see a drastic improvement in how he handle those things that used to produce undue stress that he often did not manage properly.  Of course, I still have to "yell" at him to get his work done early so that he won't have to stare into a mountain of projects a week before they are due but overall we are very pleased with his overall effort (with slipups here and there). On top of that, he officially became the second tallest person in our family, having caught up and since passed her 5 foot 3 sister!  He loves basketball and now I have hard time beating him.  I just got done praying him and not only did he beat me, he blocked my shots 5 times.  Before the game, Joshua taunted me saying he couldn't believe how easy it was beating me the last time. That got me "mad" so I tried the hardest but after a great start (7-1 lead), I lost 26-24.  I just run out of steam at the end (I guess).
  Justin is now nine and he is turning out to be a very engaging person (which at times is what triggers the boy to behave in such a way that it lands him in the "slammer" (timeouts) in his classroom.  Not counting those times, his personality is what fuels our lighter moments at home, whose effect can never be underestimated in a family where the dad supposedly walks about "mad" all the time (according to these very biased kids).  He is like Mr. Wordsworth, weaving and jabbing with words and phrases that are beyond his years.  His other activity is being the "dunkee" of his brother Joshua who dunks over him every time he gets a chance (on an indoor miniature hoop).
  My wife and I are doing well, I think.  We took our major physical this year and everything came out as good as one can expect.  Insil is a tireless mom who keeps herself in shape by walking at length (while praying) in the early morning and also running on the tredmil at night.  I also kept up with my running, doing it 5 or 6 times a week covering about 3.5 miles.
  Our ministry is really simple to report since all we basically do is produce new teaching materials, then teach them and then equip the would-be teachers to use these materiales in churches and Bible institutes.
  This week we started two new classes with two groups of pastors.  The subject is Comparative Systematic Theology.  Finally finishing this writing project, which took almost a year, was a real joy and now being able to offer this course to many pastors has been even a greater joy.  
  The Pict 2 is taken with the Assemblies of God pastors in our Thursday meeting (We ought to have about 22 or 23 students there.).  The Pict 3 is taken with a mixed group of pastors (Bible Church, Methodist Church, Church of God, Independent Evangelical Church) in our Friday morning class. (We hope to have about 20 people for that class.)   As indicated previously, the Baptist pastors have already started this course in September and have finished about 25% of the course as of this week.  (The class is made up of 14 pastors and 4 Bible institute students.)
  Another class that began at the end of September is Apologetics course at a church called "La Igleisa del Cordero."  The Pict 4 was taken yesterday during the class.  There are more than 50 students who are taking this course right now.  This being my favor course, it has been a real joy teaching this class with these eager people.
  Adding the people from two other classes (Mon's Church History and Tue's hermeneutics class), the Lord has entrusted with about 150 students on weekly basis.  About one-third oif them are pastors. It is a big responsibility and we are humbled and feel very grateful for the opportunity.  
  Right now, there are four churches and one Bible institute are offering one of the five courses that have been produced, all taught by one of the pastors who have been trained.  I hear reports that our missiology text book published by the national Assemblies of God Church last year is being well-used throughout their churches in Mexico.  So we are very grateful for that as well.
  The next writing project is figuring out how to incorporate the N. T. Greek into our exegetical study in order to prepare more expository sermons. But first I have to brush up on my Greek so finally this week I started to study it again seriously (the last time was 2001).   I am really thankful to the Lord that it has been very enjoyable studying it again.  
  As for my wife's ministry, suffice it to say that without her the Chang household will not work, period!  She is the glue that literally keeps all the pieces in one place.  In other words, her main ministry is what she does for all of us.  Besides the obvious things (feeding and clothing us, giving kids countless rides), her mere presence is a lift to us (realistically speaking, most of the times it is so).  Beside that, she teaches a weekly Bible study with several women from different churches, helps out at the MK school with their music program, plays piano at our church here in Mexcio, which keeps her pretty tied up on many weekends. For instance, she is not here right now because she went to a city two hours away from Chihuaha as part of the Praise Team to lead the worship in a meeting to be held there today.  I am praying that more opportunies will present themselves to Insil so that she can teach the Bible to other women because she is both knowledgeable teacher
 and is a good communicator.  
  That's about it!  We like living here and love what the Lord has allowed us to do here.  We love the Lord even more than the work itself.  He saved us and then adopted us into his family!  How awesome that is!  I cannot imagine who many people can go through life without having the Lord in their lives.  We are truly blessed!!!
  Thanks for praying
  Ryun Chang fro the family