Hello, sorry for not having said anything to note Christmas nor the New Year . . .
  "My bad" but I have not stop praying for you guys on weekly basis (some times twice a week) because you are on my life-time prayer list.  Some of you I have been praying for over 10 years.  Enough of my alleged spirituality . . .
  I had to prepare in December for three new classes that were going to start in January. This meant I ended up working around the clock editing the student manuals.  For instance, I edited the entire Church History manual which consists of 450 pages. It is a lot of work but ultimatly very satifsfying!
  The three new classes are well under way along with the three on-going morning classes with pastors (Wed, Thur and Fri morning).
  Pict 1 is Church History class (Monday night from 7:30 to 10 PM) at Shalom Methodist church with over 50 students; more than a fourth of them are from other churches. It will probably run until Jan of 2009.


  Pict 2 is Cultural Anthropology class (Tues morning from 10 to 12 AM) at the Chihuahua Baptist Bible Institute.  It is a small class of 6 students.  I am actually glad to be teaching this because I needed a motivation to review this important subject, which I had studied quite a bit for my doctorate program more than 15 years ago.  My goal is to develop a 32-hour course consisting of about 250 to 300 PowerPoint slides.
  Pict 3 is Hemeneutics class (Tues even from 7:30 to 10 PM) at the EV Free Lamb (Cordero) Church with 35 students.  This will probably run until December of this year.

  Pict 4 is taken at a restaurant with my children to celebrate my 47th birthday.  Wow, that´s OLD!!!

  Pict 5 is taken at the class of our missiology course currently being offered at the Raymundo Assemblies of God Bible Institute, which is taught by Mrs. Hortencia Martinez. She actually teaches this course in three different classes.

  Currently, the following schools or churches are using one of our courses to educate their people:
  1. Raymund Assemblies of God Bible Institute, Mrs. Hortensia, Missiology (3 classes)
  2. Apocento Alto Baptist Church, Pastor Marques, Apologetics
  3. Jerusalem Baptist Church Sunday School, Pastor Villareal, Apologetics
  4. Bethel Methodist Church Sunday School, el director Cervantes, Church History
  5. Shalom Assemblies of God Church, Pastor Ramon, Comparative Systematic Theology
  At the Matachi Missionary Training School (presented as an intensive course to be completed in three different modules):
  6. Pastor Machucho, Church History
  7. Pastor Torruco, Apologetics
  8. Pastor Hugo, Hermeneutics
  9. Pastor Issac Jaramillo, Missiology
  10. Missionary Javier Ramos, hermeneutics (He is a missionary to Mennonites in a city called Guatemoc and he is using this course to train 7 core leaders who then preach and teach at their churches).
  11. Pastor Rapael in Carmago (2 hours from here) Assemblies of God (Apologetics).
  On top of this, several other Assemblies of God Bible institues throughout Mexico are teaching our missiology course.
  IMPRESSED?  Don´t be.
  This past Sunday I went to our church where I heard from a missionary (a guy named Finch) who came to Mexico in 1988 to work with an unreached group in the Sierra mountains.  
  This unassuming and humble man stuck it out for 20 years and now there exists a striving local church completely "owned" and  "operated" by the indigeous locals.  
  I was BLOWN AWAY seeing the vides of his church!  I mean, they got teach elders, worship leadres and people being baptized!  Now that, ladies and gentleman, is what missions at its best is all about!  I am just glad to tag along as a suppor staff.  
  At the end of the service, my pastor (Javier Almanza) asked all the missionaries who attend his church to come out to the front for a prayer; I didn´t move and neither did my wife.  We went out because the pastor (my good friend and one of the best students I am privileged to have, for the past 5 years) called us out.  I felt a bit self-conscious standing next to Mr. Finch.  
  I have a bad habit of rarely saying anything to the new speaker after the service but this time I had to go and say to him, GOOD JOB!!!
  Anyway, that´s where we are!  Christy has applied to several universities in the State; pray that she will be accepted by at least one of the school, if it is God´s will.  Insil was sick for 2 weeks (I mean SICK).  But thank God that she is OK now.  
  Please pray for our familiy; there are always some issues.  Now that I am 47, I wish I had been a better father to my children when they were younger!  I have my regrets.